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Hello everyone. Welcome to my website which is all about teenagers and gifts. I think that my tittle speaks for itself meaning that I will be mainly focusing on teenagers. I am hopeful that the content will come to great use to many.


I am mother to a twelve-year-old girl and I am surrounded by teenagers whom are my niece, my godson and my friend’s kids. In recent past I worked as a Dental Therapist and I had my fair share of exposure to teenagers. Kids intrigue me especially those of these days and age.

However, teenagers have captured my attention since I will be handling my very own soon.

Learning more about them, observing them and trying to understand them is a task of its own. I suppose that most of us just try to cope with them. Wondering most of the time what is going on in their heads.

This is when the idea of rewarding them came to mind. More to the point how to give them the perfect gift.


Now handling teenagers are not at all easy. I think lots of people out there will agree with me. I’ve seen it firsthand from family and friends as well as from my clients.

One of the biggest dilemma is when it comes to giving teenagers a gift. I myself have gone around in circles so often to make a perfect choice. I have a system of writing a list down beforehand but it does not always work. Often at the last minute I will find myself buying a card and stuffing some money in it. This is not so cool. Is it?

I know that many have gone down that road. I think that it is about time that someone give a helping hand in that department. In helping others I will also be helping myself because it will solve my own dilemma.


Above all this I truly want that via my website parents can put there hands on gifts out there that do exist for teenagers. In return the teenagers will do feel appreciated and a sense of belonging.

In one way or another we all want to make our children smile and feel comfortable in their surrounding. Teenagers and gifts is that platform which will help you to attain that

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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